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Reimagining Human Relations in our Time 2017

A festival celebrating 70 years of the Tavistock Institute - London 17th - 20 th October 2017

Reimagining Human Relations in Our Time is a festival celebrating 70 years of the Tavistock Institute.
At the heart of the festival is the Institute’s archive which over the last two years has been intricately and delicately catalogued at Wellcome Library. These two things coinciding are a great cause for celebration because the insights of our forebears as they tackled past societal challenges, which we have always drawn upon as an organisation, are now available to you.

How might we take inspiration from their learning as we grapple with today’s major concerns, such as an environment at tipping point, ageing and social care, displaced people and populations, crises in faith, identity and leadership, and our wellbeing at work?



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