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- Social Health Education and Social Work disciplines
- Experiential Learning: diversified methods
- Innovative teaching methods
- Personal and professional identity
- Training and organization of traineeships
- Continuing Training for professionals, young people doing the civil service, national and international NGO volunteers…

- Health Promotion
- Helping relationship
- Person-Centered educational interventions
- Innovative experiences in various fields of Social Health Education and Social Work (minors, addictions, mental health, disability, migration, social exclusion, new poverties, etc.)
- Non-violent actions of social, cultural and political change for the protection of the human rights of vulnerable people
- Research methods for Training, Social Health Education and Social Work

Journal structure
The journal will be published Open Access in electronic form, with the possibility to be printed on-demand, and it will consist of two main sections:
STUDIES AND RESEARCH SECTION: providing in-depths analyses based on theoretical and empirical research on the various topics of the journal
BEST PRACTICES SECTION: dealing with pilot experiences and reflections of key informants on the various topics of the journal

Other Sections could be added in order to achieve other goals and devise other dissemination methods, such as, for example:

DICTIONARY/GLOSSARY: section dealing with the definition of sector-specific keywords (with peer reviews and a translation service).
MULTIMEDIA AREA: section dealing with multimedia communications  (available only in electronic format).
GRADUATION THESES: addressed to the most outstanding students; this section will be available only in electronic format (without international peer review, but with a selection by the national scientific committee.
COVER PAGE SUGGESTIONS: cultural space for artistic and phenomenological reflections.
Art director: Marco Dallari

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