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Program and Brochure

Friday 30 January 2015
8,30 Registration

     9,00 Open (with translation) Conference Room
Remo Job – Director of Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science - Rovereto, University of Trento
Sara Ferrari – Autonomous Province of Trento, Councillor of University, research, equal opportunities and youth policy
Benny Andersen – President AIEJI, International Association of Social Educators

Introduction:  Dario Fortin (Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science, University of Trento, Italy) - Social Health Education and Training: exploring from Italy

     9,30 Key note speakers: (ted talking with translations)
Juliet Koprowska – (Department in Social Policy and Social Work, University of York –UK) - Communication skills in social work university training
Silvia Gherardi (RUCOLA, University of Trento, Italy) - Learning and knowing in practice
Fabio Salviato (FEBEA – Federation of Ethic and Alternatives Bank) – Alternative routes of economic development for the life and health of citizens
Alberto Zucconi – (World University Consortium - IACP) – The Biopsychosocial paradigm in health promotion

     10,30 Round Table (with keynote speakers)
Antonio Samà – (Department of Health and Wellbeing, Canterbury Christ Church University – Canterbury – UK)
Dario Fortin (Department of of Psychology and Cognitive Science, University of Trento, Italy)

     12,00 1st  Poster session
     12,30 Street Food

     15,00 1st Workshop and Paper Session
     16,45 Coffee break

     17,00 2nd Poster session

Saturday 31 January 2015

     8,30  2nd Workshop and Paper session
     10,00 3rd Workshop and Paper session

     11,30 Conclusion (italian) – Conference Room
Antonio Samà (chairman), Canterbury Christ Church University
Maria Rita Venturini, (ANEP Associazione Nazionale Educatori Professionali)
Francesco Di Stanislao, Cleta Sacchetti, (Polytechnic University of Marche, Commissione ministeriale professioni sanitarie)
Marco Dallari,(Laboratory of Communication and narrativity, University of Trento)

socialhealth brochure
Program workshop paper


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